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A Marvel Of A Man

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:00 pm
by Henry Marczak
A Marvel Of A Man: Stan Lee Dead At 95

When I was a kid did read some comics, back then my fave was The Phantom the ghost who walks, when i think about it his physique was more like Charles Alas. I really liked Classics Illustrated which where very good and a big fan of Rupert the bear.

I did read some Marvel Comics but not many, origins of The Mighty Thor and Iron man. Stan Lee became more famous to me because of movies and TV series.

Re: A Marvel Of A Man

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:24 pm
by geosta
I grew up reading every Marvel title (Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, X-Men, etc, etc), almost every episode of them written by Stan Lee back then.

Stan Lee was a great man with limitless fantasy and strong ethics. I think that much of Marvel success is based on Stann Lee's superhero characters.

Did you know that in every Marvel SuperHero movie there is a cameo appearance of Stan Lee?

It's sad that he passed away, but you none can say that he didn't live a long life, full of successes!

Re: A Marvel Of A Man

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 3:23 pm
by Kev12Atlas
I can honestly say that I liked getting comic books from 7-11convenience stores, more for the Charles Atlas, Universal Bodybuilding, and Joe Weider advertisements, than to read the entire monthly comic story. Was no older than seven years old, when I would be in awe of pictures of large, muscular biceps.