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G,day Team CAC

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:02 am
by Jabbers
Hi I've had a bit of trouble joining up but it looks like I am in now.
Anyway hello every one I bought the course a month and a half ago and started it .
Just starting to work it in to and around my working hours but it's coming together nicely even hung my membership & certificate in a frame to inspire and remind me of what have I started doing and think its pretty cool as well!
I find my self practicing the holds and movements in my spare moments at home and work that's a big part of the bonus of this course you can do the exercises any where any time .
The purchased the complete course and I find the binder is great with tabs on the pages for easy reference to different sections etc , I also have a electronic version for my iPad that was supplied to me from Charles atlas Ltd. As my hard copy went missing in the Post which I was very grateful of.
Which allowed me to get the show on the road.
And it will get put to good use when I travel on my iPad etc .
How your training going well all the best .