The Game Changers movie

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Henry Marczak
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The Game Changers movie

Post by Henry Marczak » Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:46 am

The Game Changers is a new movie that is available as digital for TV or PC the topic is about vegan athletes.

I really like the movie, I'm not vegan but had been a couple of years ago for 6 months before gradually going back to omnivore. We do go to vegan restaurants or order vegan/vegetarian also at home make vegan or vegetarian meals, many friends are non-meat eaters so it's no big deal for us, most pot-lucks we go to as well will be mainly vegetarian.

The film did inspire us to explore more vegan and vegetarian meals which we like, it's not like we're depriving ourselves from eating pleasure. Vegetarian these days tend to include dairy and eggs, so if something is vegetarian it could have some of them ingredients, cheese or whatever.

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